Donate Your Car

To The Charity of Your Choice

For The Maximum Tax Deduction

charity auto donation

Donate Your Car

To The Charity of Your Choice

For The Maximum Tax Deduction

charity auto donation

Donate Your Car

To The Charity of Your Choice

For The Maximum Tax Deduction

Why Donate With Charity Auto Donation


we care



We pick up most vehicles same or next day, then we take care of the rest. Once sold, we provide you with a tax deductible certificate, and provide you with everything you need to know for your maximum tax deduction.


max donation


Maximum Tax Deduction

Our vehicle valuation experts handle each vehicle individually to ensure the largest possible donation to the charity of your choosing. We don’t take the first offer, we fight for your donation to bring the most value.




We Care

We are focused on ensuring the maximum amount of your donation makes it to your choosen charity, because we want to help as well. All of your employees are apart of our organization because they are passionate about charities as well.

How it works

Contact Us. We need to know where your vehicle is located.

We arrange an appointment with you to pick up your car.

Our transporter picks up your vehicle, for free.

We determine where your vehicle will sell for the most money, or benefit the charity the most. Once the value is determined by sale, or charitable use, we send you a certified tax deduction receipt.

Contact Us At: (877) 671-2911 or

About Charity Auto Donation

We are a group of industry professionals passionate about the charities we work with. With over 39 years of experience in vehicle donations, remarketing, and media, we have the expertise and experience to best handle your donation.  All processing is done in house to make the transaction easy for you and our charities.

Taxable Deduction

Your Vehicle’s Value is $500 or Less

Regardless of what your vehicle sells for, the IRS allows you to claim up to $500. Your Charity Auto Donation receipt is all that is need to claim you noncash donation.

Your Vehicle’s Value is More Than $500

You may claim the total value that your vehicle sells for. After the sale of your vehicle, we will provide you with an already completed IRS Form to include with your taxes.

For more Tax Deduction information click here.

We Accept Donations of Cars, Boats, Motorcycles, RV’s, Trailers, ATV’s, & Buses Nationwide

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